Alison Jackson-Bass Alison Jackson-Bass

artist statement

My current work is primarily site specific, focussing upon drawing attention to the fleeting, the ephemeral, and the unnoticed.

I draw from a wide range of techniques, using media taken from the natural environment, such as earth pigments, home-made inks, muds and clays, alongside natural and manufactured found materials. These are used for mark-making and working intuitively, responding to what is ignored in both the natural world and built environment, drawing attention to these things through photography, 2D/3D work, and creating assemblages of found objects. In this way I create compositions and collections that explore the value of overlooked and waste objects, highlighting our relationship to both the natural and created world and drawing attention to the failure of humankind to live in balance with the planet’s biosphere and physical resources.

Perhaps due to my archaeological background the work I produce often features physical evidence that tells a story and captures events through marks, damage, patina and the evidence of ageing - a visible history that may sometimes be read. I am always searching for beauty in the accidental.

Much of my artwork revolves around display and order. Objects are gathered and modified, then placed to draw attention to qualities and details that might be overlooked, thus encouraging the viewer to value aspects of the world they may have considered insignificant. In this way I hope to encourage a more connected and observant attitude towards the planet and its inhabitants and resources.


Found objects
Natural materials
Environmental artist
Site specific
Drawing attention to the unnoticed
Raising awareness
Making the insignificant significant